Brendan Booyse

Name:  Brendan Booyse

Qualifications: Multi Engine Commercial Pilot, with frozen ATPL and Grade III Instructors Rating

What ignited your passion for flying? The opportunities around flying enticed me to research aviation. Shortly thereafter I enrolled in a flight school. I did not have a passion for flying until I completed my first flight. The more I fly, the more I come to enjoy the vast and varied nature of the sky. I would say it’s an ever developing and evolving passion, with various defining moments.

How many flying hours do you have? Approximately 930 as of May 2018

How many aircraft are you rated on? 8

What is your favourite aircraft to fly and why? I used to think that Pipers (especially the Arrow) were the best GA aircraft around. Today, the Sling is by far my favourite. She is light and nimble, handles extremely well, and is one of the easiest aircraft to learn to fly. This makes it a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

The perfect student would be: a well prepared student. Preparation and hard work before even arriving at the airfield will lead to the most constructive lessons. This includes thoroughly knowing and understanding the SOP’s, as well as having a good understanding of lessons already covered.

In my spare time I enjoy: spending time with my beautiful wife, and playing a few video games. If it was practical, most of my spare time would be spent on a motorcycle!