Tyrone McIntosh

Name: Tyrone McIntosh

Qualifications: Studied Photography and Business Management. Commercial Pilots Licence and Instructors Rating. I am busy with ATPL exams.

How many flying hours do you have? ± 700. 470 taildragger hours

How many aircraft are you rated on? 11

What is your favourite aircraft to fly and why?
Tough question. I enjoy the Super Cub and Cubby the most. Taildraggers are more fun so I'll choose those rather than an aircraft with a training wheel.

The perfect student would be:
You don't have to have super-human reflexes or be really smart. If you're willing to learn, hard working, teachable and not arrogant then you're the perfect student. With those qualities, you can get to whatever standard you require.


I enjoy life. Flying is my passion. I am friendly, humorous and relate easily to people. I am ambitious in life and in my career.