Iwan Davey

Name: Iwan Davey

Qualifications: ALTP, Grade II flight Instructor, Class II test pilot rating.

How many flying hours do you have? ± 13 000

How many aircraft are you rated on? ± 50

What is your favourite aircraft to fly and why?
I enjoy most of the aircraft that I fly. I thoroughly enjoyed flying the Pilatus Porter for its short field capability, the Boeing 737-800 for its efficiency and the RV's for their all-round capability.


For as long as I can remember I have wanted to become a pilot. I did my PPL in 1992 shortly after national service. I then went on to build hours flying skydivers. After completing my commercial licence I did charter work, mostly as a freelance pilot. As a freelance pilot I was fortunate enough to fly a wide variety of aircraft. In 2000 I joined Comair on the Boeing 727. At the moment I fly the Boeing 737-300, B 737-400 and B 737-800's for Comair. I am involved with software development as well - mostly for our airline.

In my spare time, when there is no instruction to be done, I fly my RV. I also fly model helicopters, but more often than not, there is very little time for that.